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At the dawn of time, a great beast writhed upon the earth. The sun goddess Alexandria cast down her spear and pierced it through. Where the spear fell, the land was blessed. Where the beast lay, poison spread.

Skip ahead one empire, one civil war, several petty fiefdoms, and a few hundred years... then add adventurers. Are they here for lost and abandoned treasure? Are they trying to carve a holding of their own from the wilderness? Or will their bodies fertilise the hills like so many others?

Sunlands is a system-agnostic hexcrawl zine, intended for use with your favourite fantasy roleplaying game. There's a map, a brief overview, and over three hundred hexes of stuff for players to encounter, fight, befriend, betray, murder, loot, or run the hell away from. All in 32 pages and for a price best described as 'beans'.

The tone is best described as 'tongue in cheek' but it should be eminently usable at all but the most grimly serious tables.

CategoryPhysical game
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TagsComedy, Hexcrawl, Tabletop role-playing game


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